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HTML/CSS & Python

Jumpstart your coding journey with our no-cost 8-week course! Dive into web design with HTML and CSS, and harness the power of Python for robust programming. Make your mark in tech and get inspired by meeting women leaders in the industry.

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MIT App Inventor

Unleash your creativity with MIT App Inventor! In our interactive sessions, learn how to transform your ideas into real-world mobile apps. This course demystifies app development, making it accessible for aspiring innovators of all ages.

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HTML/CSS & JavaScript

Build the web of tomorrow, today! Discover the ins and outs of website creation with HTML, style it to perfection with CSS, and bring it to life with JavaScript. This course sets the foundation for your future as a front-end development expert.

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All classes are free of cost. To contribute to or join our cause, please contact girlsincs@gmail.com